Copper Alloys 2024

Scientific Conference on Copper Materials

Stockholm | Sweden | Oct 8-9 | 2024


Copper Alloys 2024: International arena for scientific and technical development – forum for copper alloys industries, universities and research institutions.

Copper Alloys is the biggest and broadest scientific forum focusing on copper materials sciences. The conference in 2024 aims to further strengthen the copper and copper alloys community by providing up to date research and reflecting necessary R & D approaches against the background of actual megatrends. 

The growing awareness for the need to deal with resources more responsibly, environment stability and health protection, as well as the unsecure geopolitical situation, has driven society, politics, and legislation to change agenda priority settings. Circular economy, fossil free energy, green deal, total defense, and other keywords represent this new paradigm, putting high pressure on industry and science to propose and develop innovative solutions. 



In response to related challenges, emerging applications and processes are needed, and universities, research institutes and market players along value chains must further strengthen their common efforts. The evolving materials research and development platforms put high demands on optimizing and complementing processing methods, closing gaps in global material flows and implementing loss-free recycling technologies. 

Copper Alloys 2024 will give a comprehensive look at challenges and developments of copper user industries and will allow active sharing of knowledge and opinions. 

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The registration fee: EUR 950 excl. VAT 
For students: EUR 250 excl. VAT

The fee includes conference participation, documentation, lunches, refreshments and conference dinner.

Cancellation & refunds

Cancellation before September 1st, 2024 will be refunded. Thereafter 100 % of the conference fee will be invoiced. Participation can be transferred to a colleague.

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The introduction and key note speakers will be in room 1. The Sessions will be in room 1 and room 2. The rooms are next to each other, so it will be possible to change session during the day.

Tuesday 8 October

10.00-10.30 Coffee – registration
10.30-10.45 Welcome – opening of the conference
10.45-11.30 Material challenges due to electrification of heavy duty vehicles and the role of copper, Ingegerd Annergren, Manager for materials technology at Scania
11.30-12.15 Investigation of Copper Alloys after Pressure Hydrogen Charging, Jens Jürgensen, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

12.15-13.15 Lunch

Room 1

Session Production & Manufacturing (Chair: Christian Blecking)

13.15 Definition of a Process chain for Additive Manufacturing of Copper Components
13.40 Additive Manufacturing of Copper Alloys for High Temperature Applications
14.05 New Avenues in Direct Printing of Copper for Electronics via Drop-on-demand Molten Metal Jetting
14.30 Investigations on the processability of copper-zinz alloys using wire and arc-based additive manufacturing processes

14.55 Coffee

Session Production & Manufacturing (Chair: Joacim Hagström)

15.25 Castability of lead-free brass

15.50 Cored Wire introduction in a tundish: How to increase yield and accuracy
16.15 Functionally Graded Materials: Continuous Casting of Electric Copper Conductors
16.40 Resistance Welding of Big Copper Parts using Surface Structuring

18.30 Buses from the hotel to the Vasa museum
19.00 Guided tour at the Vasa museum
19.30-23.00 Dinner at the Vasa museum – sponsored by Ergolines
Buses back to the hotel

Room 2

Session Material properties in applications (Chair: Roberto Spotorno)

13.15 Effect of micorsturcture and chemical composition on the corrosion behavior of Cu-Al-Mn-Ni shape memory alloys under salt spray exposure
13.40 Evaluation of the corrosion resistance of lead-free brass alloys, explored through different accelerated tests
14.05 Influence of Operational Parameters on the Corrosion Behavior
of Nickel-Aluminum Bronze and Copper-Nickel Alloys in Seawater
14.30 Correlation between microstructure and cavitation erosion behavior of Cu-Al-Mn-Ni

14.55 Coffee – sponsored by OTTO FUCHS

Session Material properties in applications (Chair: Nicolas Larché)

15.25 Experimental estimations of diffusion rates of phosphorus in creep tested oxygen-free phosphorus doped copper (Cu-OFP)
15.50 Root Cause Analysis of High Temperature Cracking on Cu-OFE for the HL – LHC Current Leads
16.15 Correlation between corrosion behaviour, metal release and water quality for DZR and non DZR-alloys
16.40 Comprehensive History of the Use of Copper Alloy CW724R in Drinking Water Applications

Wednesday 9 October

9.00-9.45 Trends and developments in the copper mining and smelting industry, Anna Medvedeva, Director Sustainability Technology and Strategy at Boliden Smelters

9.45-10.15 Coffee

Room 1

Session New Alloys and Material development (Chair: Lorenzo Omodei)

10.15  Innovative free machining brass – Production, microstructure & properties of the lead-free alloy eZeebrass
10.40 Advanced copper-nickel-tin spinodal alloys for high-performance applications
11.05 Unlocking the Potential of CS4: A Lead-Free Brass Alternative for Enhanced Mechanical Properties and Environment
11.30 Individual properties of the alfa and beta phases lead-free brass with different silicon and tin content

11.55 Lunch

Session New Alloys and Material development (Chair: Charlotta Obitz)

12.45 Alloy development of a dezincification-inhibiting brass for the manufacturing of brass instruments
13.10 Identification of lead-free CuZn-Alloys for Lock Cylinder Manufacturing
13.35 Computer simulations for Cu-based Alloys – Beyond traditional CALPHAD 
14.00 Using additive manufacturing to process precipitation-strengthened high conductive copper alloys

Room 2

Session Life-cycle and surface properties (Chair: Inger Odnevall)

10.15 Recovery of copper from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment: An energy transition 2 approach towards sustainable future
10.40 An ontology-based data-ecosystem for life cycle data of copper and copper alloys
11.05 The impact of blue light illumination on the oxidation and chloride-induced atmospheric corrosion of copper at atmospheric conditions
11.30 Production, characterization, and protection of artificial patinas on copper

11.55 Lunch

Session Historical and Future aspects (Chair: Paolo Piccardo)

12.45 Timeless corrosion: modern understandings applied to the diagnosis of cultural heritage artefacts
13.10 Importance of modern and classical investigation techniques to understand ancient metallurgy
13.35 Reconstruction and Casting of a Late Roman Dodecahedron
14.00 New approach for Low Budget Electrification of Railways

14.30-14.40 Final remarks, closing the conference

14.40 Coffee


Session Production & Manufacturing
Heinrich von Lintel, University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück
Erin Medcalf, University of Birmingham, UK
Negar Gilani , University of Nottingham, UK
Malte Schop, Technische Universität Dresden
Joacim Hagström, Swerim
Mathias Darrington, Affival
Simon Kammerloher, Technische Universität München
Martin Baumgarten,Technische Universität Dresden

Session New Alloys and Material development
Florian Seuss, Diehl Brass Solutions Stiftung & Co. KG, Deutschland
Andreas Frehn, Materion Corporation
Natanael Dewobroto, Swissmetal Industries SA
Joacim Hagström, Swerim
Susanne Berndorf, Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg
Killian Brans, RWTH Aachen University
Åke Jansson, Thermo-Calc
Avinash Hariharan, RWTH Aachen University

Scientific committee


Session Material properties in applications
Romina Krieg, Forschungsgemeinschaft Werkzeuge und Werkstoffe e.V., Germany
Stanka Tomovic-Petrovic, Sintef
Nicolas Larché , Institut de la Corrosion, Brest, France
Sanna Kylström, Swerim
Pierre Moyret, CERN
Charlotta Obitz, RISE AB
Alexander Treff, OTTO FUCHS Dülken 

Session Life-cycle and surface properties
Mohsin Sajjad, Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology
Miriam Eisenbart, fem Forschungsinstitut
Inger Odnevall, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Sara Goidanich, Politecnico di Milano

Session Historical and Future aspects
Roberto Spotorno, Università degli Studi di Genova
Paolo Piccardo, University of Genoa
Julika Hoyer, Technische Universität München
Markus Hecht, Technische Universität Berlin

  • Wilhelm Erning, BAM, Germany
  • Ralf Feser, Fachhochschule Südwestfalen, Germany
  • Joacim Hagström, SWERIM, Sweden
  • Frank Mücklich, Saarbrücken University, Germany
  • Klaus Ockenfeld, Kupferverband e.V., Germany
  • Inger Odnevall, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden 
  • Lorenzo Omodei, Trafilerie Carlo Gnutti, Italy, representing CEN
  • Kevin Ogle, ParisTech Chemistry, France
  • Paolo Piccardo, Genova University, Italy
  • Michael Pohl, Bochum University, Germany
  • Olivier Rod, SWERIM, Sweden
  • Roberto Spotorno, Genova University, Italy
  • Ladji Tikana, Kupferverband e.V., Germany


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  • Katarina Bokström – RISE, Sweden
  • Charlotta Obitz – RISE, Sweden
  • Klaus Ockenfeld – Kupferverband, Germany
  • Olivier Rod – RISE, Sweden
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