Copper Alloys 2022

Düsseldorf, Germany November, 2022

Scientific conference on copper materials

Copper alloys 2020 in Dusseldorf, Germany has been moved forward to November 2022. We regret this, but in the current time we have come to the conclusion that this is the best for the conference and its participants. /Organization committee

International arena for scientific and technical development –
forum for copper alloys industries, universities and research institutions
As a follow up to the Copper Alloys 2018 conference in Milan, Copper Alloys 2020 aims to strengthen the copper and copper alloys community further by providing a biennial international forum for scientific presentations and information exchange.

Technical developments have always caused societal change, while conversely, societal change can drive the need for technical developments, (new) materials and production improvements. Although catch phrases such as sustainable production, resource efficiency and circular economy are often marketed to the broader public as “new philosophies,” it is often necessity, rather than philosophy, that drives and directs research and development.

Today, however, increasing public awareness and a series of global megatrends do force universities, research institutes and market players to strengthen their efforts. The evolving materials research and development platforms put high demands on optimizing and complementing processing methods, closing gaps in global material flows and implementing loss-free recycling technologies.

Copper Alloys 2020 will give a comprehensive look at challenges and
developments of copper user industries. Workshops will allow aInvitaionctive sharing of knowledge and opinions in the field of materials and processing.

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Abstract deadline


30TH 2022

Abstract acceptance notifications


15th 2022

Manuscripts due


20th 2022

Registration deadline


5th 2022


Sustainable alloy design & substitution of critical elements

Developments within processing and machining

Testing and avoiding corrosion

Towards a circular economy: recycling and refining approaches

Surface technology: protection and design

Applications for copper alloys: alloys for liquid transportation & safe marine applications, chances for automotive, electrics, keys & locks, music instruments and other sectors


The exhibition part of the conference offers a forum for
copper alloy companies. They are invited to display their
range of instruments, equipment, products and services
to the expert public. The exhibition will be a showcase
for all participants and a valuable communication tool.

Furthermore, we are offering sponsorship initiatives
designed to strengthen your company’s image. For
further details please contact the congress office or
our website


  • Frank Mücklich - University of Saarbrücken, Germany
  • Klaus Ockenfeld - Deutsches Kupferinstitut Berufsverband e. V., Germany
  • Inger Odnevall Wallinder - KTH, Sweden
  • Lorenzo Omodei - CEN TC 133, Italy
  • Paolo Piccardo - University of Genova, Italy
  • Michael Pohl - Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
  • Olivier Rod - RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
  • Jan Erik Ståhl - Lund University, Sweden

Abstract Submission

January 15, 2022 opens the reception of the abstract.

Please submit your abstract not later than June 30th, 2022 for the conference.
Abstracts should be less than 1 A4 page and include title, authors and email addresses.
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  • Birgit Schmitz, Deutsches Kupferinstitut Berufsverband e. V., Germany
  • Margaretha Sönnergaard, Swerim, Sweden

Organisation Committee

  • Charlotta Obitz, RISE, Sweden
  • Margaretha Sönnergaard, Swerim, Sweden
  • Birgit Schmitz, Deutsches Kupferinstitut Berufsverband e. V., Germany

Exhibition, sponsoring and accompanying persons’program